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August 2, 2007


Weeks of July 30, 2007 - August 6, 2007

Though we've made two requests to be added to the "Atlantic Yards Community" list to receive Construction Updates, the Empire State Development Corporation has dragged its feet — maybe we're on the same to-do list as "hire an ombudsman."

This update was sent to us by a resident who lives adjacent to the footprint, though we wouldn't say that he is a member of the "Atlantic Yards Community," whatever THAT is.

In an effort to keep the Atlantic Yards Community aware of upcoming construction activities, ESD and Forest City Ratner are providing the following outline of anticipated upcoming construction activities.

Please note: the scope and nature of activities are subject to change based upon field conditions.

Long Island Rail Road/Vanderbilt Yard Work

  • Continue drilling Support of Excavation (SOE) mid-block piles in block 1121. Mobilize to Southeast Gas Station (block 1121, lot 47); Start drilling SOE piles, install construction fence on Vanderbilt Avenue, partial closing of sidewalk will occur in connection with appropriate DOT permits.
  • Test pile for Temporary Train Trestle foundation piles.
  • Test pits on Pacific Street within the area which has already been closed pursuant to the Pacific Street Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plan (MPT) on block 1121 to confirm location of existing street utilities proximate to layout of piles.
  • Grade South Lead Track for LIRR access to East Portal.
  • Excavation in block 1121 west to east.
  • Test pits under ramp in block 1121.
  • Abatement and Demolition Work

All work described below will comply with the additional oversight and protocols by the Department of Buildings (DOB) that were established on April 30th.

  • The double-shift abatement and emergency demolition work on the parapets at 800 Pacific Street will continue for the next four-five weeks. Once this work is completed, demolition of the rest of the building will commence.
  • Demolition of 546 Vanderbilt Avenue (block 1129, lot 54) will commence, and is anticipated to be underway for the next two months.
  • Demolition of 622 Atlantic Avenue (block 1119, lot 1) will be completed within this two week period.
  • Abatement has been completed at 175 Flatbush Avenue (block 1118, lot 6), and 177 Flatbush Avenue (block 1118, lot 5). Demolition will commence within this two week period.
  • Abatement will commence at 814 Pacific Street (block 1127, lot 45), 818 Pacific Street (block 1127, lot 46), and 542 Vanderbilt Avenue (block 1127, lot 50).

Utility Work

  • The sidewalk shed constructed over a transit manhole in the sidewalk on Flatbush Avenu between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street will remain in place to prepare the manhole for cable insulation, abatement and reconstruction as part of the private utility/transit relocation work required to accommodate new sewer infrastructure. This work will continue through August.

Posted by lumi at August 2, 2007 7:16 AM