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July 3, 2007

When AY was first presented, the footprint was smaller

Atlantic Yards Report

Another revelation from the Forest City Ratner presentations to the Empire State Development Corporation obtained by State Assemblyman Jim Brennan is that in just a few short months, the Atlantic Yards footprint kept growing and growing.

Read about Atlantic Yards — The Project that Ate Brooklyn:

When developer Forest City Ratner (FCR) made apparently its first presentation to the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), the agency that was to supervise and shepherd the Atlantic Yards project, the site outline was very different from the one we now know--and, indeed, what the developer pretty much proposed three-and-a-half-months later.

In the June 17, 2003 presentation, there was no Miss Brooklyn and, aside from the arena block, development was restricted to the railyard blocks.

Then, in September, 2003, the presentation to the Empire State Development Corporation included a segment of the "Newswalk" block, and the entire block to the east, though it excluded Site V, which was added in 2005.

One question that might have bearing on the federal eminent domain case is, "Who drew the map?"

A lawyer representing the ESDC, defending a challenge to the agency's environmental review, in May resisted the charge that Forest City Ratner identified the site and drew the map. “The origin of the shape, whether from Forest City or not, has nothing to do with" whether the project qualifies as a land use improvement project under state law, said Philip Karmel.

The sequence here suggests that the developer did in fact draw the map.

Other questions and revelations from the documents:

The documents, at a cursory glance, seem to beg more questions about the genesis of Atlantic Yards than they answer.


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