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July 12, 2007

Schumer on Starrett City: profit shouldn't depend on government support

Atlantic Yards Report

Last week, Senator Charles Schumer took a strong stance against the use of eminent domain to build an upstate power line, despite his support for increased use of eminent domain for projects in NYC, such as Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards plan (link to coverage).

This week, Norman Oder notes that Schumer is at it again:

The New York Times reported that, while a potential sale of the Starrett City complex in Brooklyn to one investor seems stymied by federal housing authorities, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer is pressuring the seller, a group headed by Disque Deane, to ask for less money than $1.3 billion so the new owner of the 46-building complex won't significantly raise rents and change the character of the development.
Without opining on the fate of Starrett City, I think it's worth noting that Schumer has not extended his concern about the appropriate balance between private profit and public subsidy to the Atlantic Yards project that he supports.


NoLandGrab: We know we ran this photo last week, but who knew it would come in handy again?

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