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July 16, 2007

Jersey Girls

Fouling out at the Nets dance team open-call tryouts. “You’ve got to sell it!”

NY Magazine
By Arianne Cohen

jerseygirls-NYM.jpg"Intelligencer" tries out for the team:

We’re not cheerleaders, we’re dancers,” explains Shirlee Simon, 21, well moussed and fresh out of the University of Buffalo (dance major). She’s gnawing her nails alongside 200 Jersey-haired women, who are lined up outside the Nets training facility for the annual open-call dance-team tryouts. “This year, we have five dancers leaving, so there are definitely five spots available,” says Kimberlee Garris, the Nets’ entertainment coordinator. “We do this every year and publicize through a mix of talent postings and Backstage. You never know what you’re going to get.” I was there to try out, too. Strangely, even though I don’t dance, the team manager promised that I wouldn’t be the least talented wannabe there. I was probably the least tanned, though, and at 26, the oldest.


In anticipation of a move to Brooklyn, Ratner has been working hard to boost the on-court entertainment.

NetsDancers-NBA.jpg Though the "Nets Dancers" are "not cheerleaders," the marketing campaign smacks of a high-class strip joint, and they're available for hire (minimum two!).

NoLandGrab: What are the chances that Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn will book them for their next fundraiser?

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