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July 23, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere78.jpgEducation Notes Online, The UFT is an Urban Myth; Coogee Beach Will be One Soon

Welcome to our brothers from Down Under:

Dan (native of the Williamsburg houses in Brooklyn) and Robyn (Fremantle native) Scherr have descended on the New York area. They are these activists back home fighting to save their local and beloved Coogee beach from the actions of developers. While here, they should hang out with the gang from "Develop, Don't Destroy" who are fighting Bruce Ratner and his Atlantic Yards. It is funny how developers destroying neighborhoods in Brooklyn or Coogie use the same tactics against even small groups of critics: branding them anti-development, professional protesters, outside agitators, a vocal minority, etc, etc. They monitor every word of criticism, no matter how mild, very closely and use their PR machines to respond instantly.

Queens Crap, Getting 'Yank'ed around
The Villiage Voice reports:

Baseball's New York Yankees will get taxpayer subsidies worth $217 million more than first estimated for a new stadium, a civic group said on Friday, blaming ex-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the ballooning cost.

Did anyone one not see this coming?

"It's obviously not the first time there were major cost overruns associated with a large development project in the city," Good Jobs research analyst Dan Steinberg tells the Voice—the city's $100 million cost for Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards project, he notes, mysteriously "leaped to $205 million" earlier this year, while the 1970s renovation of Yankee Stadium was initially budgeted at $24 million before ballooning to a final price tag of $101 million.

Fast Hugs, How 'Sex' Ruined New York
"The Atlantic Yards" is mysteriously included in a pantheon of landmarks that symbolize New York City before Manhattan became one giant chain-store mall and was overrun with Sex-in-the-City wannabes.

SupersonicsSoul, Revue Nues

One sports blogger has some observations about Norman Oder's article on the Nets' average-ticket price increase:

Finally, also on the arena front, it turns out that Nets fans in Brooklyn (or whatever they would be called if they moves), would be looking at some pretty hefty ticket price increases with a new stadium, as reported in Atlantic Yards Report. If you read the entire article, you'll see that while there will be plenty of $15ish tickets for the regular folk, personal seat licenses and other faves of ownership will be implemented. Ironically, it will be the season ticket holders and mini-season ticket holders who will bear the brunt of the price increases, not the bleacher crowd.

Why is that ironic? Because it's the bandwagon fans who are against the stadium that would benefit the most. Meanwhile, the season ticket-holders, who take the unpopular view politically in support of the arena, that will pay the most for it. Somewhere in there is a karmaic message, I suppose.

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