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July 24, 2007

ESDC: AKRF's work for Ratner was disclosed

Atlantic Yards Report

Though Norman Oder has been striving to document the actual timeline and relationship between the Empire State Development Corporation's consultant AKRF and Forest City Ratner's consultant for Atlantic Yards, AKRF, the quasi-governmental agency released a statement to the more project-friendly Brooklyn Daily Eagle (see, "Consulting Firm Counts Both Developer and State As Clients on Atlantic Yards"

The ESDC's statement: “AKRF’s limited work for Forest City Ratner was disclosed to the board at the Sept. 2005 board meeting at which AKRF was hired. Once AKRF was hired by ESDC, its work for Forest City Ratner stopped.”

So there's no conflict of interest when a project's consultant stops working for the developer when they're hired by the agency tasked with sponsoring and reviewing the same project?

It remains in question, however, whether the disclosure is sufficient to have confidence that AKRF's work would be in the public interest or in the interest of its former client.

I had asked the ESDC what its policy is; in other words, how "limited" must work be and what's a sufficient time gap?


NoLandGrab: Hey Norman, maybe the ESDC will come up with an answer in due time and you can read it in the Eagle.

Posted by lumi at July 24, 2007 8:04 AM