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July 9, 2007

Errol Louis gloats about AY eminent domain case, but take another look

Atlantic Yards Report

Not only does Errol Louis gloat about Judge Garaufis's decision on in the federal eminent domain case, but he takes a pot shot at Norman "The Mad Overkiller" Oder.

The "Mad O" puts the Atlantic Yards ideologue and local pundit through some of that mind-bending analysis and challenges him to a public debate.

The lead segment of Louis’s Commerce and Community column (not online) in the Bed-Stuy-based June 16 Our Time Press is headlined "All the News That’s Fit to Spin," which might describe some of Louis’s own work.
As for whether I “ducked” Louis's "published invitation," keep in mind that, a year ago, he refused to answer any direct questions from me. I could play the same game and publicly invite Louis to explain why he hasn't written about numerous questionable aspects of Atlantic Yards (like, say, the $300 million in subsidies even the mayor opposes).

But I won't. Instead, I’d be happy to debate him, in public, about our respective coverage of the Atlantic Yards project and the general media coverage of the project. Maybe we could do it in front of his class (and others).

But let’s look closely at Louis’s claimed falsehoods, as well as the judge’s assessment. By my account, only one of the claims is false; the others are matters of dispute, no matter what the judge concluded.


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