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June 27, 2007

The Atlantic Yards Fight—A Party Or a Wake With Pound Cake?

NY Observer
By Mark Wellborn

A dispatch from the front parlor of this weekend's house party fundraiser for Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn:

Approximately 80 people, largely aging baby boomers decked out in khakis and short-sleeved polo shirts, had paid $60 each to enter Mr. Labine’s house to raise money for the lawsuits that activist group Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn has filed against developer Forest City Ratner and others.

As the gin flowed and attendees admired Mr. Labine’s many works of art, a growing feeling of fear was beginning to replace the years of hope.


Halfway through the party, Mr. Labine and Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn spokesman Daniel Goldstein stood on a few living-room chairs and did their best to pump up the somber mood.

“Atlantic Yards is not a done deal!” Mr. Labine said to rousing applause. “What is unfortunate is that not enough people are aware of the problems that will come with this project.”

Mr. Labine’s statement resonated a few minutes later when Matthew Brinckerhoff, the group’s attorney in its environmental lawsuit, began to field questions.

“Do we have any allies left in elected officials?” a member of the audience inquired.

“We have a few,” Mr. Brinckerhoff responded. “[City Councilman] David Yassky, depending on what day you talk to him.”


NoLandGrab: Brinckerhoff is Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's lead attorney for the EMINENT DOMAIN lawsuit, not ENVIRONMENTAL suit.

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