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June 16, 2007

Oy Vey!

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

City Hall newspaper has a Q&A with Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz. In the specific Q&A below, Mr. Markowitz first doesn't answer what he thinks of the process around "Atlantic Yards" but rather what he thinks of those who oppose the project or are critical of it. Nobody in officialdom is willing to say that they liked the "Atlantic Yards" process, thus the evasion.

Now Mr. Markowitz, in his answer below, claims that he "tried his best" to bring people together on the project. That, we respectfully say, is a fallacy. Mr. Markowitz never meaningfully responded to opponents and critics. Sure he met with them, and then ignored them. And then last month Mr. Markowitz fired Community Board 6 members who deigned to take a position different than his own on the project. That's bringing people together?

We have bountiful anecdotal evidence that it has been very difficult for Mr. Markowitz to appear publicly anywhere in the Borough without getting an earful about his stance on "Atlantic Yards." Just last night at the opening of the 29th season of Celebrate Brooklyn in the Prospect Park Bandshell, Mr. Markowitz was roundly booed when he welcomed the audience prior to a fantastic Neville Brothers concert.

That should be no surprise for such a highly controversial project, especially when its chief political cheerleader, Mr. Markowitz, is a former tenant activist now supporting the abuse of eminent domain, secondary displacement that could reach nearly 3,000 units of at risk populations according to the state's own study, and 4,180 luxury units of instant gentrification. This is Mr. Brooklyn, trading on Brooklyn nostalgia, to promote a project that is the antithesis of everything Brooklyn stands for.


Posted by amy at June 16, 2007 10:36 AM