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June 22, 2007

Marty would be great as a Bush appointee

The Brooklyn Paper
Letter to the Editor

One Brooklyn Paper reader makes the comparison between the US Attorney General and Brooklyn's Borough President, Marty ("the Hatchet") Markowitz:

Has Alberto Gonzales become a role model for our borough president (“Pols to Yards foes: Yer out!” May 26)? Consider Borough President Markowitz’s decision to not reappoint members of Community Board 6 who voted to reject Atlantic Yards.

He says that he wants to consider the need for fresh perspectives when making appointments to the board. Is a willingness to serve as his rubber stamp a “fresh perspective”? Those of us who live in the area served by CB6 don’t want its members to blindly approve the proposals of real-estate developers. What we desire is a board that will represent the interests of our community.

If Marty Markowitz cares about the future of Brooklyn, he should be doing all that can to reduce the size of Atlantic Yards and to ensure that CB6 has a membership that will do the same. If he is unwilling to do this, he should abandon the idea of running for mayor and, after switching political parties, seek a position in the Bush Administration.

His decision to not reappoint members of CB6 because they disagree with him indicates that he would fit right in.

John Casson, Park Slope


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