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June 6, 2007

Federal Judge Dismisses Atlantic Yards Lawsuit

NY1Anchor.jpgThe NY1 story got it so wrong that milk is coming out of our noses:

It was another defeat Wednesday for tenants challenging the Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn, as a federal judge dismissed their lawsuit.

Wrong plaintiffs, this case involves PROPERTY OWNERS, not just TENANTS.

The tenants claim they are not being offered fair-market value for their homes and are challenging the state's use of eminent domain to get land for the project.

Uh, that should've been the tip off — property owners, not tenants get "fair-market value" for their homes. Anyway, this case isn't about "VALUATION," it's about the constitutionality of the eminent domain seizures.

article (video dialup/broadband)

NoLandGrab: It seems that NY1 managed to conflate the federal eminent domain case with the case brought by tenants in state court, both of which should not be confused with the suit challenging the environmental impact statement brought in state court.

Posted by lumi at June 6, 2007 10:07 PM