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June 26, 2007

Duffield St. Underground Linkage

Abolitionist Museum Augments the Stated Bloomberg Vision

A peek at the NYC Department of City Planning's stated goals for the Downtown Brooklyn plan reveals that the idea of a museum decidated to the history of the abolitionist movement in Brooklyn would be more in keeping with the plan than the current scheme to sieze homes using eminent domain in order to raze them to build a parking garage.

But who's listening?
Links and excerpts from the May 22nd Duffield St. eminent domain hearing from Our Time Press.

Daily News Calls Grassy Knoll Key to Brooklyn Economy
A Daily News editorial strongly attacked the Duffield St. homeowners by impuning their motives and accusing them of standing "in the way by cynically playing on the charged issue of the city's slave past."

Duffield St. Underground comes up for air to dispute the scathing claims.

The Daily News says that promoters of Abolitionist history are "cynically playing on the charged issue of the city's slave past." If the Daily News has to resort to this sort name-calling, then it looks like the argument in favor of the parking lot is weak. If the EDC is going to confiscate possibly historic private property, the burden of proof of the benefit must be high.

Posted by lumi at June 26, 2007 9:10 AM