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June 15, 2007

Brooklyn Tomorrow: synergy and puffery

Atlantic Yards Report check's out yesterday's four-color glossy 48-page insert in the NY Post.

Atlantic Yards and the Barclay's Center inhabit all four inside and outside cover pages, while a "cheery" "article" by Courier-Life reporter Steve Witt looks more like "journalizement" (or is it "advertorialism?").


It's a document for our times, a promotional magazine inserted in yesterday’s New York Post, not labeled advertorial though it certainly reads as such. Brooklyn Tomorrow is subtitled “The changing face of the bustling borough’s dynamic communities,” and features advertising and cheery articles mainly about major development projects.

Produced by the Post’s Community Newspaper Group, and written by staffers from the Courier-Life chain the Post purchased, Brooklyn Tomorrow reads like the return of Forest City Ratner's promotional Brooklyn Standard, but under the imprimatur of an actual newspaper rather than as a “publication.”

And, of course, FCR's Atlantic Yards project gets royal treatment. The cover boasts a full-frontal close-up of Frank Gehry’s Miss Brooklyn, which could be described as "massive" or perhaps "striking," rather than “elegant," as stated. On the back cover, another view of Miss Brooklyn, in the Barclays Center advertisement that first appeared in January.

On the inside back cover, another advertisement for the Barclays Center. On the inside front cover, a Forest City Ratner advertisement, stating, “What will Atlantic Yards bring to Brooklyn?” The lead article declares Atlantic Yards “the crown jewel of Brooklyn’s renaissance.”


NoLandGrab: Who needs a fake tabloid when the Post will do it for you?

Posted by lumi at June 15, 2007 7:08 AM