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May 6, 2007

The Times pushes peer review of hoops bias claim, but not of AY economics

Atlantic Yards Report compares the Times' different uses of peer review. One article about racial bias in basketball was said to be verified by three independent experts. Meanwhile in "Atlantic Yards"...

By contrast, when the Times in 2004 covered the release of a study critiquing the projections of Andrew Zimbalist, Forest City Ratner's paid consultant on Atlantic Yards, the news was left as "he-said, he-said" and tacked onto another story about Downtown Brooklyn redevelopment.
Given Zimbalist's national reputation as a strong critic of public subsidies for sports facilities, and the vastly different conclusions reached by Peebles/Kim, the dispute was of more than temporary local interest.
Since then, Forest City Ratner has invoked Zimbalist's work numerous times, and several elected officials last year endorsed the developer's $6 billion lie, based on Zimbalist's flawed analysis.


Posted by amy at May 6, 2007 12:16 PM