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May 22, 2007

Ratner gives residents a pane in the glass

Three sites blog yesterday's NY Post story on free air conditioners and windows for residents in and around Atlantic Yards:

The Real Deal, Atlantic Yards gets wired for sound

Developer Bruce Ratner sent a letter to around 700 residents in or around the proposed Atlantic Yards construction site in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, offering to give them air conditioners or install double-pane windows in their homes. The amenities are meant to minimize construction noise from the $4 billion project and are part of a noise-reduction requirement the state said the developer had to follow when the project was approved. Ratner says the giveaways will cost him $2 million.

Pardon me for asking, Freebees by Bruce Ratner

Why not buy their affection?

Bruce Ratner seems to be in the news every day. The man who has been given free reign over a 22 acre site in Brooklyn is now giving away freebees to the residents surrounding his huge construction site. I doubt very much that it will make his "neighbors" feel better that he is going to make their lives miserable during years of construction.

Daily Intelligencer, The Morning Line, Five Shots

Bruce Ratner must be sweatin' about something: He's sent out letters to 700 addresses near Atlantic Yards promising residents free ACs and double-paned windows (to minimize construction nuisances). The kicker: Daniel Goldstein got one.

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