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May 8, 2007

Ratner's Rats, Lonely Yassky and Sober Marty... Observations from CBID's Annual Dinner

Daily Gotham

We ran into Mole333 at the CBID dinner, but he kept the Ratner-rats scoop to himself:

One of our electeds (I assume he wants this passed on but I also assume without his name attached) tells me that he personally witnessed rats at the Target store at Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Terminal mall and rumor has it that Ratner's recent demolitions have stirred up the rat population, leading to an infestation of his mall. Are residents of the area getting the same spillover of Ratner's rats? I suppose this kind of thing is typical of NYC and not a Ratner-specific problem...but there certainly is something quite appropriate in Ratner's new development stirring up a nest of rats.


NoLandGrab: Rat "relocation" has been raised as a serious Atlantic Yards construction impact. One prominent Ratner supporter testified that white critics are primarily concerned about "ambience," as if ethnic minorities weren't. Ambience is a serious issue when there are more than Ratners in Atlantic Center Mall.

Maybe you can get more info at the "Atlantic Center Mall Information Center" or the "Atlantic Yard Community Liaison Office."

Posted by lumi at May 8, 2007 8:58 AM