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May 25, 2007

Marty "kicks back" while failing to spin CB6 purge

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has been unusually quiet about the purge of nine Community Board 6 (CB6) members, all of whom voted in support of CB6's criticism of many aspects of Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards plan.

The lack of damage control from the Beep's office betrayed incompetence and/or arrogance and helped suck City Councilmembers Bill de Blasio and David Yassky into the political vortex with him.

On Wednesday, Norman Oder pointed out that, "The typically voluble Markowitz wouldn't comment to the Times about his action; that speaks volumes."

We've been wondering if his crew, by letting recent news float without a life raft, had the intelligence to navigate these murky political waters. Really, what could be more important than putting a positive spin on a disgraceful maneuver?

Here's what:


Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has raised eyebrows for accepting a free trans-Atlantic cruise on the mammoth Queen Mary 2 - after lobbying hard to get the ship to dock in Red Hook.
The comped cruise raised some eyebrows, despite the fact that Markowitz - who is considering a run for mayor in 2009 - went to the city's Conflict of Interest Board before the trip and got a green light from the panel.

Queen's Crap, Sailor Boy Marty
"Crappy" wonders aloud, "Quid pro quo for Markowitz?"

Daily Gotham, Cruisin' Clown: Marty's Aquatic Kickback

Last night at the CBID meeting the topic of Borough Clown Marty Markowitz came up quite naturally. No one had a good word for him and a connection with Marty was debated as a big negative for an otherwise good judicial candidate.

During one conversation I was told that Marty Markowitz has been away on a cruise during the whole CB6 circus that has been making news recently. We laughed at this, realizing Marty may have missed a great deal of the anger and may, perhaps, even be taking it easy, waiting for it all to blow over. Well, even clowns need vacations.

Turns out Marty's little ocean cruise is more than just a vacation: it looks an awful lot like a kickback...or at least an eyebrow raising freebie.
Some time back, Marty Markowitz lobbied hard to get Red Hook to be the home port of the Queen Mary 2, which will dock in Buttermilk Channel between Governors Island and Brooklyn.

NoLandGrab: What are the chances that this will "sink" his Mayoral bid?

The fact that he got a green light from the Conflict of Interest Board makes one wonder if he was entirely forthcoming as to the nature of his work on behalf of the company — "Ahab-scam" anyone?

(Photo, The Brooklyn Paper)

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