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May 31, 2007

If NJ's proposed eminent domain reform passed in NY, it might stymie AY

Atlantic Yards Report

If a project like Atlantic Yards had been proposed in New Jersey, there's a good bet a top statewide official would be criticizing it.

New York State has no Public Advocate (though the city has one, and we know what she thinks about eminent domain and AY), but New Jersey has a statewide position. Public Advocate Ron Chen has been fighting hard against eminent domain abuse, issuing reports, press releases, and filing amicus briefs in court cases.

The latest report, which got a lot of press yesterday, argues for the State Legislature to change the state’s redevelopment law to achieve a balance between protecting people’s rights and ensuring that sound redevelopment projects move ahead. ...

The Public Advocate outlines a troubling scenario, arguing, “When the government misuses the power of eminent domain, people can lose their homes without real evidence that their neighborhood is blighted, without adequate notice or hearings and without fair compensation.”

Norman Oder analyzes how NJ's Public Advocate proposes to tackle the issue of "blight."


Posted by lumi at May 31, 2007 9:01 AM