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May 27, 2007

Forest City, Marty try to tweak the record, but it doesn't work

Atlantic Yards Report

Brooklyn President Marty Markowitz, for nearly five years--the entirety of his first term, beginning in 2002, and through the beginning of his second term--suggested on the BP web site that he had no intention of pursuing higher office.

His web site (courtesy of the Internet Archive) stated:
While some people want to grow up to be mayor, governor, or President of the United States, my dream in life has always been to lead Brooklyn as borough president. To me, this is the ultimate job.

Then came news last July that the term-limited BP was raising money for a yet-unspecified 2009 campaign. In response to speculation about Markowitz's ambition to be mayor--a position he seemed to have excluded--No Land Grab last July posted Markowitz's statement that "borough president... is the ultimate job."

At some moment, those sentiments were excised from Markowitz's web site. But they live on.

NoLandGrab: Borough President is certainly looking like the "Ultimate Job" this week...

Posted by amy at May 27, 2007 8:27 AM