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May 4, 2007

Demolitions resumed at corner of Flatbush and Pacific

It's the news that everyone missed.

Yesterday, after the closing bell Atlantic Yards Report reported:

For those walking by the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Pacific Street, yes, demolition work has resumed at 189 Flatbush Avenue, 191 Flatbush Avenue, 193 Flatbush Avenue, and 618 Pacific Street, buildings owned by developer Forest City Ratner.

That news was called in to me by an area resident, so I checked with the Buildings Department, which issued a statement:

For safety and stability reasons, the Buildings Department is allowing permitted demolition work already underway at the time of last week’s incident to continue at four sites.

This decision was made on Tuesday after the developer provided the Buildings Department with safety plans and structural stability reports, and designated a licensed Site Safety Manager to monitor demolition work at the four sites.

The decision was not announced in a press release, nor on the Atlantic Yards Construction Updates page.


NoLandGrab: According to the ESDC spokeperson Errol Cockfield, "The reason DOB gave this order is because work was already underway and the department thought it prudent that those buildings continue to come down. This is the case at four sites only."

Asked if there would be an official announcement, Cockfield explained, "As far as announcements go that decision is made on a case by case basis. This is not a full scale resumption of activities. Once DOB's investigation is complete we'll see where we are."

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