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May 11, 2007

Atlantic Yards: The Great Mistake

The Brooklyn Paper, Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

Why has nobody addressed one of the most obvious disasters that Ratner’s Atlantic Yards plan would cause: severe overload of the transportation infrastructure?

He picked the worst intersection in the city to build a stadium and mini-city. Flatbush, Fourth Avenue and Atlantic Avenue are already gridlocked all the time. How could it possibly support the extra traffic of a stadium and thousands of office workers and residents? And the trains that pass there are already sardine cans at rush hour. The subway as it is can’t withstand further burden on such a scale.

Yet I have heard no plan from Ratner — or the politicians in his pocket — for handling this surge in traffic.

This is all beside my main objection to Ratner’s scheme: Go hang around Madison Square Garden at night. Would you want to live there? Heck, no. It’s scary. Well, that is exactly the type of neighborhood a stadium creates. This is a residential neighborhood first and foremost. To portray this as “Downtown Brooklyn” (as Ratner — and many newspapers like the New York Times — does) is simply another lie from the Ratner machine.

I hope the Supreme Court can reverse the Kelo decision before this awful plan destroys the hub of Brooklyn.

Jim O’Neill, Park Slope

Posted by lumi at May 11, 2007 8:06 AM