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May 24, 2007

An amputation at 80 DeKalb makes way for a Forest City Ratner tower

Atlantic Yards Report

Forest City Ratner's general plan for housing at 80 DeKalb Avenue between Hudson Avenue and Rockwell Place opposite Long Island University (LIU), also known as 625 Fulton Street or Ten MetroTech, has been no secret.

After all, the Final Scope for a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, issued 3/31/06, mentioned plans for 430,000 square feet of residential at the site, due in 2009. The developer's own press releases have alluded to the project.

Unclear, however, was how the project would be accomplished. Would Forest City Ratner convert the entire building--a former chocolate factory itself converted in 1985 into office space--into loftlike housing?

Atlantic Yards Report unravels some clues to get to the bottom of the 80 DeKalb story.


Posted by lumi at May 24, 2007 9:28 AM