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April 27, 2007

Parapet Falls From Building to Be Demolished for Atlantic Yards

The NY Times
By Thomas J. Lueck and Daryl Khan

About 350 people were temporarily ordered out of a homeless shelter in Brooklyn yesterday after a 200-foot-long parapet on the roof of an adjacent building that was about to be demolished....
No demolition permit has been issued by the city for 800 Pacific Street, because all the asbestos in the building must be removed first.

NoLandGrab: So the "building was about to be demolished," but "no demolition permit has been issued?"

Tashie Sloley, a resident of the homeless shelter, the Pacific and Dean Residence Shelter, at 768 Pacific Street, said she heard “a big boom that shook the floor” and hurried outside with her two infant daughters when someone called out, “Please evacuate the building and don’t panic.”

“When I heard ‘don’t panic,’ I panicked,” said Ms. Sloley, who spent several hours on the sidewalk in a line of displaced residents.

Ms. Sloley poignantly expresses exactly how the community has felt about Atlantic Yards since it was first announced in 2003.

This article got one important fact right — there were workers on the roof at the time of the collapse:

No shelter residents, pedestrians or workers on the roof were hurt when the parapet on the vacant building, the former Ward Bread Bakery complex, at 800 Pacific Street, fell five stories about 9:30 a.m., although several cars were damaged. About 20 workers were on the roof at the time, removing asbestos that must be removed before the city will allow the building, between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues, to be demolished.


NoLandGrab: We thought that the Times was finally in the habit of disclosing their business relationship with development company Forest City Ratner. Whoopsie — they forgot (again).

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