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April 9, 2007

Old wine, new bottle? Yassky resurrects traffic plan ESDC already considered, mostly

Atlantic Yards Report takes a hard look at the latest proposal being shopped around by NYC Councilmember David Yassky and NYS Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries:

City Council Member David Yassky (right) and Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries got some ink in the Daily News Wednesday by proposing “a plan to reduce and counter the massive impact on traffic congestion that will be caused by the Atlantic Yards project.” Their letter went to Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff and Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) Downstate Chairman Patrick Foye.

While the duo's proposal includes some worthy ideas, based on conversations with experts and advocates, it lacks a crucial disclaimer. Yassky already made most of these suggestions to the ESDC last August in response to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Nearly half of the suggestions were rejected in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). Nearly half regard policies that developer Forest City Ratner (FCR) has proposed and the ESDC had endorsed.

(Indeed, in a Courier-Life article this week, FCR spokesman Loren Riegelhaupt commented, "While we are confused as to why they are seeking to package already existing approaches to what is agreeably a very complicated issue, we are pleased that the agree with so much of what we have proposed and look forward to working with them." The Courier-Life article didn't point out that other proposals had already been rejected.)

In other words, there’s not much new. The Daily News, in an article Wednesday headlined Pols press Nets traffic fix, inaccurately called it “the first comprehensive plan to tackle an expected traffic glut near the proposed Nets arena.”


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