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April 30, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Here's what they're saying in and around Ratnerville, on or about this weekend:

Bologsphere46.gifthree times sixty, house hunting

A local blogger and Atlantic Yards refugee begins house hunting:

We've been renting since we quickly sold our fantastic but poorly located apartment (the Atlantic Yards project was literally in our backyard), so today we went on our first open house mission. One word: demoralizing. Everything was on the high end of our price range which means we couldn't afford the renovations every single place desperately needed.

Gowanus Lounge, Atlantic Yards on a Map in Under Ten Years
Forest City Ratner says Atlantic Yards will take ten years, but other experts judge 15-20 years to be a more realistic timeline:

If the 20-year estimate is accurate, children born on the day of the parapet collapse last week will be in college before a building is ever built on the site. Put another way, blocks of what used to be Prospect Heights will sit as "interim surface parking" for almost two decades.

Brooklynian.com, "Brooklyn Matters" doc on WNYC's Brian Lehrer this
"Pitu" just checked out "Brooklyn Matters" and posted this observation:

If you haven't been following it so closely, or even if you have, this is a film to see. I think it's very compelling by sticking to facts and staying away from preaching or polemic.

hot damn, entropy!, Homeless Double Jeopardy
Regarding the "nearly 100 families" evacuated from "a neighboring homeless shelter" after the Ward Bakery parapet collapse:

So, are they like, super-duper double homeless now?

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