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April 17, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere24.jpg¡THE JESTAPLERO!, Guest Blogger: Scott M.X. Turner from Fans for Fair Play
Acknowledging that it's time to retire Shea Stadium, Fans for Fair Play's Scott Turner explains why the new Mets ballpark is still a bad deal for you and you and you. Before the handy-dandy bulleted list of things wrong with the new stadium, Turner airs some naming-rights dirty laundry, where Bruce Ratner come out smelling the worse.

Nets Daily, The first glimpses of the inside of the New Jersey Nets Barclays Center in Brooklyn will be available this fall
The blog for the NJ Nets fingers NoLandGrab as their source for an article that's subscription only on the Crain's NY Business web site, claiming it was, "Retrieved from nolandgrab.org."

NoLandGrab: Wha? It's our fault that Bruce Ratner's team blog posted the Crain's article? There's a big difference between distribution for educational purposes vs. PR and marketing. And what's up with no link? Where is the love?

The KnickerBlogger, 20 questions, One Response
The one response to The Brooklyn Paper's 20 Questions which remain unanswered by Forest City Ratner:

The predicted response "no comment" - why is it a major corporation taking BILLIONS from taxpayers, stealing people's property, and aggressively proposing an ill conceived project can get away with ignoring any public scrutiny? This is one of the strangest mysteries of this whole debacle.

The Knickerblogger, Frank Gehry, Gimmick Artist
Nothing gets under "Knickerblogger's" skin like Frank Gehry:

Even if Gehry's designs were not silly gimmicks, they have reputation of impracticality - one building at a college in Ohio became a hazard during snow falls, another, in Los Angeles, created deadly 140 degree + temperatures...do we really want an aging architect who doesn't think about snow in Ohio or sun in California to design the largest building in Brooklyn, over a major transportation hub? There is a simple mathematical equation you can map out - the close one is to the project the more they oppose it - the people who are not effected or stand to profit from it, support it. As with the war in Iraq- those who don't have to pay the consequences support it.

NoLandGrab: In addition, the Ohio sliding-snow building at Case Western Reserve University was the same one where a gunman remained at large for seven hours partially because the cops were baffled by the building's labyrinthian interior, just another one of Frank Gehry's unintended-consequence-turned-adverse-environmental-impact.

Daily Intelligencer, Après le Deluge
The Monday morning headline wrap-up included the MetroNY coverage of the rally against demolition of the Ward bakery.

Terrible rain and wind didn't stop 200 anti-Ratner activists from making it to a rally protesting planned demolitions at the Atlantic Yards site. The developer is taking out several buildings to create a seven-acre, 1,600-car "temporary" parking lot. [MetroNY]

to the barricades, Wednesday Protest

Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Spitzer are allowing these demolitions to proceed before the project has been shown to be either legal and financially viable. Keep in mind, that though some demolitions may be start, there is an eminent domain lawsuit in federal court, challenging the abuse of eminent domain for "Atlantic Yards," alleging that its use violates the United States Constitution.

If that lawsuit succeeds, it will make it impossible to build the arena, or the skyscraper-laden superblocks planned by the developer.

Come out Wednesday morning to demonstrate your opposition to the premature demolition of these buildings and to laying waste to our community before it has been determined whether or not the project can be built as proposed.

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