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April 8, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere42.jpgThe Written Nerd, Comment: Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

Here's the (quite literate) Easter sermon from my church, Old First in Brooklyn. (Check out what our Rev has to say on the Atlantic Yards; it's as close as he gets to fire and brimstone.)

Gowanus Lounge, Rally Against Atlantic Yards Demolition of Prospect Heights for Parking

There will be a rally next Sunday, April 15, at 2PM to protest planned demolitions of two blocks of buildings in Prospect Heights that will be used as parking lots. The rally is sponsored by Brooklyn Speaks and will take place on Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues — the location of one of the proposed parking lots. The rally will ask the state to stop the demolition of the two blocks in Prospect Heights--including the historic Ward Bakery--to create three enormous parking lots for 1,400 cars.
Brooklyn Speaks quotes Andy Wiley-Schwarz, vice president of Project for Public Spaces, as saying, “No other large-scale project in the city has required the demolition of two city blocks for parking. This is 1950s-era Detroit-style urban planning.”

Brownstoner, Atlantic Yards & Property Value
Someone thinking of moving to the neighborhood, despite Atlantic Yards:

We are thinking of purchasing a 2bd/2ba, 1100 sq ft condo around 3rd Ave and Atlantic. We only intend to live in it for 5 or so years. Wondering what people think about this location as an investment over 5 years and whether the property value will be affected positively or negatively by either the Atlantic Yards project or the Gowanas development. Does the introduction of multiple bldgs with new condos to the market increase or decrease the property value. Would we be better off buying in Sunset Park investment-wise? Thanks for your help! Nervous first time buyers.

Wandering Medusa, Oh, the places you'd live
Running across a couple moving away from Atlantic Yards:

But for someone with the right kind of inspiration, I can envision something great. The building is on a quaint brownstone block, close to everything. Okay, I fell a little bit in love with the block. One of the couples I met while waiting for the landlord said they currently lived right at the other edge of Atlantic Yards, hence their desire to move. They seemed confident this was far enough away to be unaffected (although what I've read of the years of street closings for construction, late night truck convoys, etc., would likely be a problem.)

Brooklyn Bears Community Gardens, Environmental Impacts

The Bear’s are now officially part of a huge lawsuit announced today aiming to bring the “Atlantic Yards” project (which would loom over the garden) to a halt, and send it back to the drawing boards.

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