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April 28, 2007

For Immediate Release: Sponsors of BrooklynSpeaks.net Call on ESDC Not to Permit Work to Resume until Oversight is Established


The sponsors of the Brooklynspeaks.net campaign today thanked the State for halting work on the Atlantic Yards site, but joined Brooklyn elected officials in calling on Governor Spitzer not to permit work to resume until meaningful public oversight of the project has been established and a framework for addressing community concerns has been created.

“We’re relieved that the State has halted work on the Atlantic Yards site in light of yesterday’s accident. But halting demolition alone does not go far enough. Work must not resume until an oversight mechanism for construction has been established.” said Michelle de la Uz, Executive Director of the Fifth Avenue Committee. “The level of oversight and accountability needs to be proportionate to the scale and potential impact of this enormous project.”

Yesterday’s accident was the latest in a series of major incidents that have occurred without meaningful public oversight in place. In February, water was cut off on Dean Street after an incident involving pre-demolition work on pipes. At the beginning of April, neighborhood residents noticed potentially asbestos-laden debris falling on a nearby building. Despite informing both the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Buildings, no meaningful steps were taken by the City or State to address the issue, such as sampling or testing of the debris to check for asbestos content.


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