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April 3, 2007

"...every last detail and development has been fought over bitterly."

In today's Times, Metropolitan Editor Joe Sexton asserts that "every last detail and development has been fought over bitterly" in regards to the Atlantic Yards project (link).

If that is true, then: * Why did NY approve the project without reviewing a real financial plan? * Why does no one know the real cost to the taxpayers? * Why has the Times never reported that Atlantic Yards would be the densest residential community in the nation? * Why hasn't the Times shown a scale image of the project in relation to the existing neighborhood? * And why does the Times repeatedly make mistakes like reporting on the "city and state approved" "rezoning" and "reconstruction of Atlantic Yards," which includes a "rooftop park." [These errors are only from the last 4 1/2 months, including March, 2007 when there was only one significant Times story covering Atlantic Yards.]

Just because the Times lacks the wherewithal to cover the largest single-source private project in the history of NYC, doesn't mean that the public is done.

Anyway, who's feeling bitter? We're laughing our asses off, watching revenues drop at "The Paper of Record," while the graying institution is wringing its hands over the effect of the blogosphere and side-stepping a story that is shaping up to be the poster-child for reform in Albany. Besides, the paper might not be responsible for their terrible track record — for all we know, the editors and reporters might not have been dealt with fairly by developer Bruce Ratner.

BTW: We're just sounding off here, credit should go to Norman Oder at Atlantic Yards Report for staying on top of the issue.

Posted by lumi at April 3, 2007 9:49 AM