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April 27, 2007

ESDC/Forest City suspend all demolitions; more oversight coming

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder posted the ESDC statement and, since he's a real journalist, called the ESDC for further comment.

I asked ESDC spokesman Errol Cockfield whether there was more oversight coming, as requested by numerous community groups. His response indicated a yes, though the ESDC is not ready to announce specifics.

"We have an interim environmental monitor in AKRF and we are on the verge of selecting an environmental monitor," he said. Beyond that, he added, "There have been exhaustive plans under way for some time to provide increased oversight for the Atlantic Yards project."


NoLandGrab: It has been 81 days since the ESDC announced the request for proposal for an environmental compliance monitor.

Norman Oder reported on February 28:

Responses were due February 26, with selection expected in two weeks.

For the record, the ESDC gave the public 66 days to comment on the 4,000-page Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

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