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April 29, 2007

Clinton Hill the "bloggiest" neighborhood? Nah, it's Prospect Heights

Atlantic Yards Report analyzes the recent report from Outside.in that names Clinton Hill as the bloggiest hood.

While Brownstoner is an interesting and popular blog, especially because of the robust comments section, it is hardly a blog focused exclusively on Clinton Hill. (Butler's based there.) Rather, it's a blog about Brooklyn real estate and neighborhoods faced with development.

And Atlantic Yards is hardly the "local obsession" that distinguishes Clinton Hill from other nearby neighborhoods. NoLandGrab is clearly the comprehensive source for Atlantic Yards-related information, with far more posts per day than Brownstoner's total on all topics.

I originally thought that Outside.in didn't consider NLG as bloggy because it doesn't accept comments. Actually, one of the two people behind NLG--the weekend person--lives in Clinton Hill and registered the blog on Outside.in as "Clinton Hill." (The weekday person lives in Park Slope.)

Outside.in relies most heavily on NoLandGrab in its Atlantic Yards section. Its press release didn't mention NLG.


Posted by amy at April 29, 2007 11:22 AM