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April 27, 2007

Building At Atlantic Yards Site Partially Collapses


James%3DNY1.jpg An FDNY official chalks the collapse up to rain...

"Parapet walls exposed on both side over many years, and we had heavy rains, so it very well could be a residual effect of the heavy rains that we had,” said FDNY Assistant Chief James Nichols.

...even though there were workers on the roof just before (whoopsie):

City officials say workers were removing asbestos on the roof of the building when approximately 200 feet of parapet wall fell onto the sidewalk. No one was hurt, but several parked cars were damaged.

An adjacent homeless shelter was evacuated as a precaution, leaving about 288 people, mostly women and children, homeless.

"No one is answering questions,” said one of the evacuated residents. “No one really knows anything, and we're sitting out here. My baby's cold and we want to go back inside."
Congresswoman (sic) Leticia (sic) James* is one of several local elected officials calling for a probe into the incident.

"I'm asking for an investigation with respect to this collapse, and I'm asking ESDC to halt – halt – all work until such time this investigation is completed."

Did Ratner really come up with this ridiculous PR strategy (uh, the building was broken when we bought it), or is it another Benderism?

In response to the incident, Forest City Ratner vice president Bruce Bender said:

“At the time of the purchase, (in March 2006) the building was already in a state of disrepair. We will of course work very closely with the Buildings Department and other agencies to determine the cause of the collapse and to ensure public safety."

article (dialup/broadband)

* The video caption is correct — "L-E-T-I-T-I-A" James is a C-O-U-N-C-I-L woman.

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