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April 7, 2007

AY supporter Herbert announces for Senate against Montgomery

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder examines Tony Herbert's announcement that he is running against State Senator Velmanette Montgomery for her position in 2008.

Herbert uncorks a 2004 time capsule to come up with this defense of Atlantic Yards that tries to both characterize opponents as a small group of elitists and implies that over-development must be accepted if there's to be economic benefit:

Look, with regards to the Atlantic Yards Arena, which my opponent was against and tried to shut down and was unsuccessful. She was against the development because some of the better off constituents felt the sun would be blocking the neighborhood due to the height of the buildings. I don’t give a heck about how high they build a building, because the way I look at it, the sun was gone a long time ago when all these people started losing their jobs. There are a lot of minority contracts coming through that Atlantic Yards project. Forest City Ratner can build up to the 50th floor. That’s fine. All that means to me is there are 50 floors that a minority contractor from my community can get business from and put people to work.

Oder counters, in part, with a quote from August Wilson's play Radio Golf:

I don't care if somebody else makes some money 'cause of a tax break. I get mine and they get theirs. I pull this off and next time I'm on the other side of the deal, sitting at the head of the table.

NoLandGrab: Synchronicity alert! The Hill District, referenced in today's Pittsburgh Penguins story, is where August Wilson's plays are set.


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