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April 30, 2007

A subtraction from the Ward Bakery

Ward-NoWall-AYR.jpgAtlantic Yards Report

Though the Empire State Development Corporation has announced a suspension of demolition, some thing disappeared off of the Ward Bakery building between the parapet collapse on Thursday and the erection of a sidewalk shed on Friday.

What's missing from the Ward Bakery? A two-story, seemingly-improvised temporary cinderblock wall that rose above the western segment of the building, in the foreground of the photo above, forming a link of sorts with the adjacent building and creating some additional interior space.

That wall existed after 200 feet of the parapet tumbled on Thursday, as shown in the bottom of the two photos below. It likely was less stable than the rest of the building and demolished on Friday, the same day the scaffolding was installed.

Norman Oder is hoping to learn more about what kind of demolitions may proceed during the suspension from the Department of Buildings (DOB).


UPDATE: ESDC spokesperson Errol Cockfield confirmed that the demolition of the wall was ordered by the Department of Buildings and that "any action they order the developer to take will have to do with safety."

NoLandGrab: It's reassuring to know that, at a minimum, the ESDC and DOB have the public's SAFETY in mind, because, until this point, we're not sure they have been mindful of anyone's needs other than Ratner's.

Posted by lumi at April 30, 2007 7:55 AM