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March 30, 2007

Ratner’s buying him a new car!

The Brooklyn Paper
By Dana Rubenstein

No one can say how much Bruce Ratner is coughing up in a settlment with Lars Williams, after the footprint homeowner was thrown in jail for removing one of Ratner's surveillance cameras from his own building.

However, since swearing false statements is bad, really bad when you're having someone arrested, Lars has the opportunity to pay off student loans, attend cooking school and help himself to a new set of wheels.

Upon his release, he and his father promptly filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against Ratner; his vice president, James Stuckey; and Michael Machuch, who signed the police complaint against Williams. The lawsuit charged that Ratner had no right to install the camera on the Williamses’ property or have Lars Williams arrested.

Forest City Ratner has refused to comment on the case and would not even confirm that it had been settled.

But Peter Williams said the settlement has been a financial boon for his son.

“Now, Lars can study cooking in London for three months,” said Williams. “No one likes to be arrested. But if you can pay off your student loans and pay your lawyers’ [$28,000 legal] bill, worse things could happen.”


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