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March 16, 2007

Proof! City plan would create speedways

The Brooklyn Paper
By Christie Rizk


Armed with a radar gun, activists from Transportation Alternatives stood on Seventh and Eighth avenues and measured how fast cars were going on both streets.

On one-way Eighth, cars were clocked at speeds as high as 40 mph, while on two-way Seventh, cars maxed out at only 20 mph. The speed limit on both streets is 30 mph.

The gun-on-the-street survey refutes the Department of Transportation’s claim that pedestrian and driver safety will improve if Sixth and Seventh avenues are converted to one-way thoroughfares, activists say.
Speeding cars are only one concern for Park Slopers. The other issue pushing residents’ pedals is the belief that this plan is an attempt by the city to solve the coming congestion from the still-unbuilt Atlantic Yards mega-development by sacrificing Park Slope’s residential quality of life.

“People don’t want their streets turned into arena access roads,” said Naparstek, referring to the Nets arena that is part of the project.

“If Atlantic Yards is going to happen, we need a comprehensive, multi-modal transportation plan that includes bikes and trains and buses,” he continued. “Otherwise, the surrounding neighborhoods will shut down.”


See the video for yourself at streetfilms.org (running time: 5 mins, 10 sec).

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