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March 27, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere39.jpgstrong>East Village Idiot, March Radness: Round 2, Day 2
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn supporters apparently had no gas in the tank after scoring an upset victory over their division rivals in last week's March Radness, either that or they were too busy trying to score a real upset by saving the Ward Bakery building. This week, they fell to the mighty F Train, "who will move on to the Sweet 16 with their 81-19 win."

Brooklyn Record, Another Clan Evicted from Atlantic Yards

Looks like Bruce Ratner forgot to warn one group that his wrecking ball is coming — a colony of feral cats that inhabits the future home of Atlantic Yards. Laura Brahm, the assistant executive director of Slope Street Cats, is saving these felines, one by one.

Our feline friends didn't even get an honorable mention in the Environmental Impact Statement.

Poop City, Poop-O-Rama: Non-recall edition More on the feline refugees:

CRACK & CLAM JUICE: Slope Street Cats has relocated the last of the feral colony endangered by the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn. The effort gained attention via coverage in the Brooklyn Paper and even the Times, but in the end it was a Meow Mix-clam juice combo what done the trick. Says SSC's Laura Brahm: "When you're working on a trapping project, sometimes nabbing that last cat is better than crack!"

Lost City, A Walk to Ward's

One guy's take on the Ward Bakery building.

I wouldn't call it an architectural gem, exactly, but it has an integrity about it and I would support its being landmarked, since whatever is erected in its place by Ratner will most certainly not be anywhere near as attractive. But that, of course will not be.

The Gowanus Lounge, Is City Consultant Deliberately Ignoring Underground Railroad Records?

Could the consulting firm hired by the city to examine the history of downtown Brooklyn buildings have deliberately ignored key documents? There is significant evidence the buildings were part of the Underground Railroad, but the downtown Brooklyn plan counts on Underground Parking to trump Underground Railroad history. Now, there's a suggestion that consultants took a pass on documents that suggest the development will bulldoze African-American history.

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