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March 12, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere33.jpgGothamist, Extra, Extra

This blurb links to last week's Daily News article:

Turns out that almost half of the $205m the city is giving to the Atlantic Yards project is being used to purchase land for the developers-- not for infrastructure improvement.

Bridge and Tunnel Club, Every Good Development Deserves A Holdout

In the same way as the great cities have pie-shaped buildings, every development worth its salt has at least one quirky holdout that serves to humble ego-driven architects and pointy-headed planners.

NLG: Or... every bad development deserves a good holdout.

Basket-ball.com, Les Remarques de Ratner rassurent Vince Carter

Mais hier, Carter a souri quand on lui a évoqué les commentaires du propriétaire Bruce Ratner quant à sa situation.

Ratner déclaré qu’il pensait qu’il était "très important" pour les Nets de re-signer Carter pendant l’été.

NePrenezPasLaTerre: Ouais, et il est très important pour Brooklyn que L'Atlantique Yards progresse sans empêchement. Travaux, logement et cercles??

Queens Crap, High-rise Chutzpah
Another link to the Daily News story on the first steps of the City's bailout of Atlantic Yards. Check out the comments where "george the atheist" says he spotted Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis at a groundbreaking for a new tower at LaGuardia.

Brownstoner, Peyser Finds Ratner's Ass, Inserts Nose

"Snuff" said!

Don't Worry It's Just Reality: Brooklyn Edition, Sunday Fun....Finish Andrea Peyser's sentences for her.

More on Peyer:

Andrea Peyers...errr ....'article' on dreamy doughboy Bruce Ratner got underneath a lot people's skin. Perhaps that's her purpose. Maybe she just 'gets off' on lying...that's one theory. Maybe she' s just, well not very bright.....perhaps....but I think its just because some things got cut out of the article to save space.

Posted by lumi at March 12, 2007 9:53 AM