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March 30, 2007

God to Ratner: Don’t build so big

The Brooklyn Paper is running a special edition this week called, "Faith in Brooklyn."

Atlantic Yards critics have always had faith that somehow common sense, fairness and propriety would prevail in Prospect Heights. What they might not have known is that God is on their side.

Is God reserving a special, Old Testament-style wrath for his disloyal servant, Bruce Ratner?

Simplification or not, an increasing number of men of the cloth believe He is.

The debate over the godlessness of Ratner’s 16-tower arena, office and residential development began earlier this year when a Long Island priest, the Rev. Fred Jenkins of St. Luke’s Pentecostal Church, announced that he opposed Atlantic Yards on religious grounds.

God, he said, does not support the use of eminent domain — which is necessary if Ratner is to realize his vision.

The moral crusade against the mega-development was later joined by the Rev. Daniel Meeter of the Old First Reformed Church in Park Slope.

On his blog (yes, even pastors have blogs nowadays), Meeter called Atlantic Yards “a moral issue” because of its sheer size.


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