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March 24, 2007

FCR's Stuckey: the right man for the job, as shown in Times Square saga

Atlantic Yards Report

1103_brook_js1.jpg Forest City Ratner is in a rush to demolish a neighborhood even before court cases preventing Atlantic Yards from moving forward are settled. A key member of the team following this strategy is Jim Stuckey. Mad Overkiller Norman Oder profiles Stuckey.

The key phrase for Mr. Stuckey is: "The ends justify the means".

But Stuckey also has a sensitive side. Note his musical accomplishments:

Stuckey, who's described in his Forest City Ratner biography as "an accomplished musician, capable of playing ten instruments," has a notable set of community involvements. He's served as Vice Chairman of Community Board 2 in Staten Island, and as a Trustee of the Jacques Marquis Center of Tibetan Art, also in Staten Island. (Yes, the point man for the city's densest development lives in New York's least-dense borough.)

NoLandGrab: How many more musical instruments would that be if you had to count all the politicians who have been played so well?


Posted by steve at March 24, 2007 8:42 AM