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March 26, 2007

EDC Document Undermined by Local Reporter's Poetry

Daily Gotham

Wouldn't you know it — in order to produce a study that concludes that two houses on Duffield St. in Downtown Brooklyn have no historical ties to the abolitionist movement, AKRF (yup, the same company that produced Bruce Ratner's Environmental Impact Statement for Atlantic Yards) had to leave stuff out.

Previously, AKRF produced a flawed study, in which they outright lied, and they got caught. But practice makes perfect, so they did it again, this time omitting and glossing over critical information. Now time is running out for the Duffield St. houses that are under threat of eminent domain in order to make way for a parking lot (cue Joni Mitchell).

Click here to read about what critical evidence AKRF left out this time, evidence buried in the study that contradicts its own conclusions, the differences and similarities to Atlantic Yards and what comes next.

Posted by lumi at March 26, 2007 7:32 AM