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March 5, 2007

Corrections fatigue: The Times stonewalls on lawsuit story

Yawn... Atlantic Yards Report reports (again) on "corrections fatigue" at The New York Times.

The importance of the New York Times to the historical record was reinforced this past weekend during a symposium on Robert Moses, where several of the presenters, in their accompanying slides, included copies of Times articles.

Then again, one academic, the University of Pennsylvania's Lynne Sagalyn, observed that, to study coverage of Atlantic Yards, you have to look at the blogs, and that's true. Otherwise, historians might be confused, for example, by the Times's 2/24/07 coverage of the federal eminent domain case.

Norman Oder reviews his correspondence with The Times regarding an Associated Press story that was cut down, resulting in the omission of a central point of Judge Levy's ruling on the Federal eminent domain case.

Oder quotes The Times stylebook on corrections...

Seldom should a correction try to place blame or deflect it outside The Times; the effort might appear defensive or insincere. But when an error has occurred under the byline or credit of a blameless staff member or news agency, the correction may cite an editing error or a transmission error.

...and concludes:

The Times, in this case, does not appear to be following that policy, and the Public Editor doesn't seem to care.


NoLandGrab: The Times SHOULD care. Last year, the "Paper of Record" launched several blogs on www.nytimes.com to augment its news coverage. This move acknowledges the importance of the blogosphere, but sadly represents the full extent of the mainstream media's (MSM) response.

What the MSM inexplicably fails to understand is that it is not the FORMAT, but rather the CONTENT, that makes many blogs competitive with the MSM.

As the MSM continues to loses readers to other Internet-based independent media, they are not going to make it up by offering more of the same in a new wrapper.

Oh, and did you know that you can easily add a correction to any item right away on a blog? (Yawn!)

Posted by lumi at March 5, 2007 9:25 AM