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March 21, 2007

A DCP footnote in the Atlantic Yards "permanent campaign"

Atlantic Yards Report

I recently wrote how the public relations effort behind Atlantic Yards represents a "permanent campaign" and yesterday wrote about Forest City Ratner's lobbying of the Department of City Planning (DCP).


So the email message reproduced here, from Forest City Ratner executive Jane Marshall to Rachaele Raynoff, press secretary at the city's Department of City Planning, shows another footnote in that campaign. (It was obtained via a Freedom of Information Law request.)

Raynoff wanted to send a staffer to the 5/11/06 press conference at which architect Frank Gehry and landscape architect Laurie Olin unveiled the new Atlantic Yards designs.

Marshall said OK, but asked that the staffer not identify herself to the press: "[A]s it is our event we would be grateful if she, like the other public party people attending (ESDC), not identify herself to the press. We do not want the press or anyone else for that matter, putting any public entity on the spot at this event."


NoLandGrab: We're pretty sure that Atlantic Yards Report isn't part of the "permanent campaign." Therefore, it was probably a good move on Bruce Ratner's part to bar Norman Oder from the same press conference; he would have been the only reporter who might have taken notice.

Posted by lumi at March 21, 2007 8:13 AM