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February 12, 2007

"The Gray Lady" eventually gets around to printing correction on AY "reconstruction"

NYTimesBlur.jpgThe lead time for extracting a correction from "The Gray Lazy" is about two weeks when the topic is Atlantic Yards.

From this weekend's NY Times:

Correction: Rehabilitating Robert Moses

An article on Jan. 28 about new exhibitions looking at Robert Moses’ impact on New York today, referred imprecisely to the Atlantic Yards real estate project in Brooklyn. It is a new development, not a reconstruction project. (Go to Article)

As important as any one correction is the recognition that Bruce Ratner's PR team has waged a very successful effort to brand "Atlantic Yards."

At this point, it seems that most Brooklynites believe that the Vanderbilt Railyard is actually called "Atlantic Yards," and that "Atlantic Yards" is an actual location, not a development plan.

Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report explains why two weeks practically constitutes foot-dragging as far as the NY Times is concerned:

And why couldn't the Times have corrected it on the day of publication, given that they had ample advance warning? (The Times prints the Arts & Leisure section days in advance, but typically runs a correction in the main news section if adequately warned.) Was it delayed for research?

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn worded it this way:

Two weeks ago Norman Oder pointed out a substantial mistake in a NY Times article, and that it could have been corrected in a timely and, thus, meaningful manner.

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