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February 25, 2007

On objectivity, neutrality, and integrity in covering AY


Atlantic Yards Report

Yesterday NoLandGrab was well respresented at the Grassroots Media Conference by our own Lumi Rolley. Norman Oder gave a great talk about objectivity, neutrality, and integrity in the media. (See examples of non-neutrality in today's Daily News articles, below.) Norman posted his remarks online.

Here's an example of some bad reporting. A little while ago, I discovered that the city had put $205 million in the budget for Atlantic Yards—that’s double the official pledge of $100 million.

That wasn’t hidden; it was right there for everyone to see, it’s just that none of the reporters either remembered the pledge or thought there was news.

I wrote a story. DDDB put out a press release. The Post and the Sun wrote stories. The Daily News and the Times ignored it.

So, am I and the others who reported this story opponents or responsible journalists? And are those who ignored the story irresponsible journalists? And does that make them, in effect, proponents?


Posted by amy at February 25, 2007 11:49 AM