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February 20, 2007

Marty said “get real” on traffic/parking, but ESDC didn’t agree much

Atlantic Yards Report

Borough President and Cheerleader-in-Chief Marty Markowitz declared at last August's hearing that it was time to "get real" about traffic. Did the Empire State Development Corporation listen? Norman Oder finds out:

Out of 16 comments about traffic, transit, and parking his office submitted on the Atlantic Yards Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), by my count, said no to 12 and yes to two. The ESDC offered a partial yes to one comment and declared another not their issue. (Arguably, some of the "no" answers were outside the ESDC's bailiwick, as well.)

And Markowitz is the borough's cheerleader for Atlantic Yards. Tougher critics like Community Consulting Services fail the ESDC's review for ignoring or downplaying numerous issues--such as congestion pricing--that Markowitz didn’t even bring up.

Here's the list: * Downtown traffic calming? Not incorporated * Additional intersections? Nope * Closed-circuit TV monitoring? No * Expanded study area for parking? No * Permit parking? Not necessary * Free parking for residents who lose spaces? No * Studies to monitor traffic conditions? Sort of * DOT simulation? It’s up to them * Market testing? Yes * Subway guidelines change? No * Trolley loop? Nope * Bus rapid transit? Not yet * Transfer connection? No * LIRR train frequency? Nope * ADA compliant? Yes * Through ticketing? No * Pedestrian safety study? No


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