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February 14, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

angelsnowglobe.jpgThe Brooklynian, AY Footprint Purchase
"Haddock" falls in love with a brownstone adjacent to the 22-acre Atlantic Yards footprint. Is there a fire sale on property right next to the footprint? Should he go for it? Will living next to a construction zone wasteland for 10 years be a hardship? Or will having an arena in your backyard actually increase your property value?

New York Mag: Daily Intelligencer, Who's Afraid of Brooklyn Redevelopment?

The great thing about the Atlantic Yards imbroglio is that, while everyone's busy yelling about that, other developers can do all sorts of things right next door... And now, with very little fanfare, a deal has been reached to erect one of Brooklyn's tallest buildings mere blocks from the epicenter. Where, you ask, will it go? Let's see how to break this to you. Remember Fulton Mall? Excellent. Now forget it.

Steamboats Are Ruining Everything, Illustrating the Underbelly
A photo of the "underbelly" of an iconic Brooklyn bridge illustrates why Bruce should be banned in Brooklyn.

Don't worry, it's just "Dreadnaught" has an itchy trigger finger this week aimed at Bruce Ratner: Atlantic Yards Litmus Test

The ESDC claimed it would create a 'dramatic skyline' yet not once, in the multiple 'liar flyers' mailed out to Brooklynites, did forest city ever show the buildings. Why?

Noise and Light aren't just aesthetic issues
Dreadnaught references the Wikipedia article on noise pollution to illustrate that noise and light isn't just about "ambience."

It's Just One Guy
What's the point of having an eminent domain clause in the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, when politicians and developers are going to do what they want anyway?

Our laws exist exactly to protect people like Daniel Goldstein from Bruce Ratner. Our laws and values have been so distorted, so warped that even politicians and in some cases, judges have lost sight of this....but once you have justify taking land because it will benefit some abstract greater good, or that a groups benefits are more important than an individual's rights, that becomes the justification for taking. In other words, developers will set up a pre-text of public benefit, and literally no home is safe.

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