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February 8, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere28.jpgNY Magazine, Daily Intelligencer, Urban Planners Agree: New York in 2030 Will Suck

The Mayor's NYC2030 brainstorming session backfired when urban planners came to warn about problems on the horizon.

Planning to stick around town for the next 23 years? You might want to reconsider. Apparently the New York of 2030 — the major American city at the second-greatest risk of catastrophic hurricane damage after Miami, by the way — will be facing a homelessness epidemic, more Miss Brooklyn–esque way-out-of-scale enormous buildings over rail yards, a major shortage of engineers qualified to construct such things, and a war between the union and nonunion laborers who build them.

Room Eight, NY Politics, Two To See
The local politics blog excerpts the NY Sun article covering Thursday's hearing.

A little-noticed, jaw-dropping exchange about the appropriate use of eminent domain between a federal judge and a lawyer representing Brooklyn's massive Atlantic Yards projects:

"What I'm hearing is that so long as a defendant can articulate a public use," Judge Levy asked, eminent domain is "per se constitutional?"

"Your honor, I would say yes," Mr. Braun said, adding that "the role of the court really disappears" beyond conducting that initial review.

This answer did not seem to satisfy Judge Levy. Soon thereafter, he put forward a hypothetical: What if developers wanted to seize 22 acres of private property and build luxury housing on 21 acres of it and place a school on the remaining acre?

Disappointments over the Bruce Ratner-Barclays Bank naming-rights deal is getting play in the Caribbean-American community and Yvette Clarke's core constituency.

Disappointment #5. Ratner selling the name of the new Brooklyn arena.

Lots of Brooklynites and numerous elected officials have criticized Bruce Ratner for selling the name of Brooklyn’s first ever major indoor facility the state of the art sports, entertainment and convention center that will open in 2009 – selling that name to a very suspect British bank Barclay’s with Ratner pocketing $400 Million in the process. What is Yvette’s position? She could make a big difference. As a strong supporter of the project Yvette is in a position of strength on this issue if she will speak out forcefully.

Note: Just this week, Yvette Clarke issued a statement to the press expressing her concerns.

Field of Schemes, Nets arena court battle begins, Knicks arena next?
Neil DeMause sends readers to Norman Oder's "extensive report" on the hearing for the defendants' motion to dismiss the Atlantic Yards eminent domain lawsuit. Also, there are rumblings across the river over a plan for a new Madison Square Garden where, in what will come as no surprise to the NoLandGrab reader, the public will probably have to pony up some bucks.

Queen's Crap, The King's Decree
The blog tracking real estate controversies and the related political fallout in Queens takes issue with Mayor Bloomberg's recent statement about eminent domain. Bloomberg probably didn't mean to describe a property owner who isn't willing to sell to Bruce Ratner as "one little person," but he did.

This represents the general contempt that King Michael has for any of his subjects who dare stand in the way of his buddies' development proposals.

not another f*cking blog!, my next photography exhibit
A local photographer will be exhibiting photographs "of buildings in and around the 'footprint' of the proposed Atlantic Yards development" at the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield, CT in April.

NoLandGrab: Wonder if the Litchfield library censors their exhibits for politically controversial material.

nyu realty llc, Are these Celebrities looking to Buy Real Estate in Brooklyn?

Why would celebrities like Gisele (Runway SuperModel Star), Tiger Woods (World's Greatest Golf Star) and Joakim Noah (Son of Tennis Great Yanik Noah and maybe The Next New York Knick) buy Real Estate in Brooklyn. Maybe because Bruce Ratner And JayZ are going to Bring the New Net's Stadium to Brooklyn. What do You Think?

Don't Worry It's Just Reality, Brooklyn Edition, The Brooklyn "Public" Library..another instution in the tentacles of Forest City

Are we to believe Forest City had nothing to do with [censorship of the Footprints Exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library]? Given Ratner's track record, of lying, deceit, underhanded influence, its' to be expected. I would seriously consider asking BAM and other Brooklyn institutions to divest from Forest City - if they continue to accept his money, its clear the arts will not serve Brooklynites, but Bruce Ratner.

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