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February 18, 2007

From the AY Saga to Terrorists at the Tea Lounge

Gothamist enjoys the Brooklyn Paper:

Today, the big story is newly-elected Congresswoman Yvette Clarke's call for congressional hearings on the $400-million naming of the Nets arena after Barclays, the multinational bank that the paper says profited from the slave trade, froze the accounts of Holocaust victims and operated in apartheid South Africa. Last week, black leaders, including Clarke, had a sit-down with Ratner. If AY's past is any indication, the Barclays naming will proceed.

Another piece covers accusations of censorship against the Brooklyn Public Library for cutting key parts of an art exhibit about the 22-acre Yards site. The show, called "Footprints: Portrait of a Brooklyn Neighborhood" looks at the area's residents and businesses. Artist Sarah Sagarin says that controversial pieces were left out, namely a portrait of DDDB's Daniel Goldstein and a Donald O'Finn painting (image at left) of the Yards as a toilet bowl. Ratner's in talks with the library to fund the proposed arts branch near BAM.


Posted by amy at February 18, 2007 8:40 AM