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February 25, 2007

Errol Louis on AY negotiation, but not the 20-year affordable housing plan

Atlantic Yards Report

Today, let us give thanks that Norman Oder has the patience to fact check Errol Louis's entire article.

Louis calls the litigation "doomed" and likens Atlantic Yards to other projects with public benefits such as Lincoln Center in Manhattan and Melrose Commons in the Bronx, neither of which have, as the Atlantic Yards plan would have, nearly 2000 luxury condos, 2250 market-rate rentals, and 900 (of 2250 "affordable" rentals) at or over market rate.

(In the print edition, there's a big picture of a smiling, benevolent Bruce Ratner.)
Louis calls it a "fool's errand" to go to federal court to impinge on state and local exercise of eminent domain. He notes Levy's citation that federal courts generally stay out of these cases. True, but the question here is whether the Atlantic Yards litigation, based on legal theories developed after the Supreme Court's 2005 Kelo vs. New London decision, will break new legal ground.


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